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Thanos on Tour: Aveqia, Stockholm

Food is an essential part of the Thanos Hotels experience – that’s why we try and tempt those tastebuds worldwide. On Tuesday......

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Renew your wedding vows at Annabelle

Renewing your vows is an opportunity to rekindle the romance and spoil yourselves on a luxury, dream weekend at Annabelle. On this......

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Let’s Bake Classes at Annabelle

Learn how to bake and improve your culinary skills at Annabelle this season with Let’s Bake classes hosted by myself, Rob Shipman,......

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Afternoon tea at the Annabelle

Sometimes home comforts are what make a holiday special. What better way to feel at home than to enjoy some afternoon tea in a......

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Banana Honey Pie Recipe

Cyprus, a tropical and Mediterranean oasis, has a long history of using honey and locally sourced fruits to create delectable pastries and......

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A Mediterranean Garden at the Kid’s Club

Cyprus is known amongst locals as the Emerald Island. Our rich soil produces bountiful crops, making our landscapes some of the greenest......

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Mediterranean Food in Cyprus at Annabelle

Cyprus is often overlooked for the quality and variety of its food. Drawing influences from across the Mediterranean, Southern Europe and the......

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Opera at the Paphos Aphrodite Festival, Cyprus

The island of Cyprus is much like an open-air museum, rich in history and culture. So it is no surprise that the......

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