Active Training Camp Programme at Anassa

Your holiday to Anassa could have quite an unexpected turn – instead of returning home needing to go on a diet, you could bring back sports trophies and a muscle ache to be proud of.


This is exactly what a group of sport–loving journalists from the UK and Russia did on their recent trip to Cyprus. The ‘Active Training Camp’ programme set to be launched this Autumn, was tried and tested and proved to be the perfect option for who want to keep active on holiday.


Daily cycle rides across the beautiful countryside, exploring unusual routes, stretching as far as Akamas National Park, left all competitors with a variety of emotions; exhaustion, thrill, and satisfaction.


After the morning ride, bicycles were traded for swimwear and the journalists practised various swimming techniques in the sea under the watchful eye of fitness trainer, Nicolaou.

Last but not least came the seven kilometre run through the Akamas National Park and most journalists completed this in under an hour.


It must be said that all of the hard work and training was well incentivised by Anassa’s signature spa treatments offered at the end of the day. This helped guests reach total relaxation but also revitalised their bodies and minds in preparation for what the next day had in store.

By the third and final day of the programme and after plenty of physical activity and nutritional Mediterranean dishes, the journalists totally understood why their trainer, would not trade his job for anything…

Do you have any fitness related issues that you would like professional advice on, or maybe you have some questions that you would like answered? Share them with us here and the top five questions will be included in a blog post next month with answers provided by fitness trainer, Nicolaou.

Natasha Michaelidou, Owner

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