The Thanos Philosophy

As a long-standing family business, at Thanos we operate on an ‘extended family’ concept. In the same way that in a family each person is unique and yet also a member of a larger unit, each of our three hotels maintain their individuality whilst simultaneously being a part of a close-knit unit. With this notion in place, it essentially means that our staff, management and guests are all part of this close bond.

We treat each property uniquely and aim to reach 5* positioning and beyond, creating hotels that are welcoming, individual and distinctive. For us, quality is at the fore, and only by offering the best products and services have we in return received a track record of loyal returning clients.

At Thanos we operate with an ‘owner’s mind’, focussing on privately owned medium and smaller properties and we are keen to welcome other investors, developers and hotel owners to join us. We offer other hotel owners the chance to become a part of the luxury sector without sacrificing their hotel’s distinguishing characteristics.

Through the fluid communication, dynamic and creative thinking of our young, and hands on team, we have the proven ability and expertise to reposition existing properties in a time and cost-effective manner.

We work on large, challenging projects from concept through to implementation, design to development, operational policies and standards, to sales, marketing and financial returns. Fuelled by our drive to deliver the upmost quality and maximise profit, our family-run business has justified high accommodation rates and revenue per room.

This is our unique philosophy, come and try it out and share your philosophy with us.

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