Car Racing in Cyprus


Like a lot of men, I always had the childhood dream of racing cars for a living and ever since then it has been my hobby and passion to collect beautiful vintage cars.

This year my dream came true, the Cyprus Rally came to my home town of Paphos and along with it came a list of star racers, film crews and fans.

Our very own hotel guest Andreas Mikkelsen claimed the overall Intercontinental Rally Challenge, making him the youngest ever to win the title in what was an action packed, drama filled race. He celebrated with his team and guests at the hotel which was the highlight of the week for us…and hopfully for him too.   

Paphos never felt more glamorous and beautiful as the cars lined the streets by the harbour and drove through the mountains. Many Annabelle staff and guests cheered for Andreas on the race track over the week long extravaganza, myself included – rounding off an incredible week for motoring enthusiasts on the island.

Check out his website to find out how he felt after winning the title.

Let’s hope we have many more exciting weeks in the heart of Paphos and at the hotel.

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If you were in Cyprus for the race or are a car racing fan, please share your favourite stories with us!

Thanos Michaelides, Owner

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