A Trip Down Memory Lane

After a recent trip down memory lane we wanted to share these photos of myself and the family at the hotels from as far back as the 1970’s. Happy memories. If you have any pictures which bring back some great memories from your time at the hotels we would love to see them.

Every August the Aphrodite Festival took place at the Paphos Beach Hotel. The festival consisted of competitions, games, fashion shows and a beauty contest to vote Ms Aphrodite of the year! At the time this picture was taken, there were no other hotels in Paphos so the hotel would get extremely full. All the locals would meet here every day as there were very few restaurants or bars in town.

This is the famous buffet at the Paphos Beach (now Almyra). The chefs created this impressive edible castle. These Sunday buffets were renowned at the hotel and drew crowds near and far.

One of the famous buffets at Mosaics restaurant.  I remember every last detail like it was yesterday including the tablecloths and curtains!

This photo is of myself, Thanos and two other friends.  We used to play in the water all day every day and here we had to try and stay on the shoulders of the older boys while they danced in the water.

As you can see from this picture the building and layout of the pool area at Almyra has not changed since the 1970’s.  Anna, Thanos our father and myself are all by the pool. We practically lived at the hotel all summer and made lots of friends who we still see there now.

This is a photo from the seventies when the Paphos Beach was the only hotel in Paphos.  As you can see we kept the same architecture. Even then we had the bungalows which today are the Kyma Suites.

My sister, brother and I are with our uncle on the swings at the hotel.

My family lived in Nicosia – at the time this was three hours away from the hotel in Paphos as there were no main roads. This shot is of my father welcoming us at the Paphos Beach after that very long journey.  

Room  442; This is me on the balcony of room 442. This room at the Paphos Beach became our home from 1975 until the hotel was renovated as Almyra. To this day it has a different layout to the other rooms.

This is my favourite picture of Thanos on the beach at sunset. The view hasn’t changed and you can still watch the colours change from blue to red from the Almyra lobby as the sun sets.

History repeats itself!  Yiolanda on the left (Anna’s daughter) and my daughter Athina on the right a few summers back at Almyra!

Natasha Michaelides, Owner

  • Chloe
    05 Aug 2011 | 10:47 pm

    These are such fun to see!

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